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Is the LIBIK FAA Certified?

Business man stamping a document for FAA certification.

The LIBIK (Lithium Ion Battery Incident Kit) is more than just a high durability battery bag. Our products are setting a new standard for lithium battery fire suppression in the aviation industry.

Our LIBIK fabrics and high heat gloves have passed the FAA 12-second vertical flame test at an FAA approved testing lab. Our lining materials have also passed FAA 60-second vertical flame tests, and a cargo liner oil burner test, which exceeds these standards. See our documents page for these test results.

FAA Approval? It's a myth.

As stated in the FAA Notice N 8900.430 on 12/5/17, FAA certified containment products simply do not exist. So any containment product that claims to be FAA certified or approved is not being truthful. There is no mechanism for testing, certification or approval by the FAA. The only documentation the FAA has issued to operators on the subject has only ever been guidance, such as the March 26, 2018 SAFO 18003 which alerts operators of the dangers of smoke and toxic odors and advises procedures and equipment to quickly mitigate the source and the smoke.

The bottom line is that approvals of safety protocols only happen at the local level when operators provide the FAA with their procedures and equipment they chose to combat lithium-ion fires. When incorporated into these safety procedures for review, products and equipment can then be accepted by the FAA as part of an airline's Safety Management System (SMS).

Are you looking for guidance in preparing your SMS for FAA review? Please contact CellBlock FCS for assistance.

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