LIBIK Training Demonstration – Passenger Cabin Scenario

March 12, 2020 Judy Thibeau

The following video includes a brief demonstration of how to implement the LIBIK (Lithium Ion Battery Incident Kit) in the event of an overheating device inside an inflight passenger cabin.


The LIBIK allows a flight crew member (or any other trained, authorized personnel) to safely and effectively transport and contain an overheating electronic device. In case of a thermal event, the LIBIK even includes tools to suppress fires while simultaneously uptaking harmful smoke and fumes.

The LIBIK is more than just a battery bag. Each LIBIK kit includes:

  • 1 LIBIK fire containment bag
  • 2 PED-Pad fire suppression pillows
  • 1 LIBIK Fire Shield Blanket
  • 1 pair CellBlock high-heat gloves
  • 1 3M mask
  • 1 pair safety goggles
  • 1 small prybar (optional)
  • Strategically placed dee-rings allow the placement of security tags.

For more information on the LIBIK, fire safety training, or fire suppression plans, contact CellBlock FCS.

Judy Thibeau

Judy Thibeau serves as VP of Marketing for CellBlock FCS.