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Ship Batteries Safely with the CellSafe Battery Envelope Kit

Perfect for product take-back programs, this special permit packaging kit is durable and reusable, contributing to costs savings. Brought to you by the battery safety specialists, CellBlock FCS LLC

  • Green and reusable packaging as part of your supply chain. The textile envelope may be reused several times throughout a volume recall. Only the outer box will need to be replaced.
  • Ideal for DDR batteries.
  • Special Permit Authorized.
  • Tested and certified to contain up to 185Wh.

    Unrivaled Cost Savings

    The reusability factor of the CellSafe Textile Envelope helps companies realize measurable cost savings in product take back programs. Consider the following cost comparison with a cell phone take back program of 1,000,000 units. With the CellSafe Envelope Kit, the initial purchase requirement  is 1/10th that of the closest competitor. Even when all factors are accounted for – logistics, an expected 20% kit loss rate, and the replacement of the outer packaging for subsequent returns – the CellSafe cost advantage is still significant.

    Simple Implementation

    • No CFR training required – View Video.
    • Optional A to Z fulfillment and seamless supply chain integration.
    • Available in four standard sizes of reusable textile envelope: 12″ x 15″ – fits typical laptop 12″ x 16.75″ – fits larger envelope 4.5″x 7.5″ – fits typical cellphone 7″ x 15″ – fits typical removable laptop battery
    • No minimum order requirement on standard sizes; custom sizes available by request with low minimum order requirements (1000 units).
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