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Making a Case for Battery Safety

Large lithium-ion battery module transport case

Need to ship batteries? In this post, we’ll show you how to safely ship lithium-ion batteries by ground or sea. The secret? Our patented battery cases.

An E-bike Charging Solution Safe Enough for FDNY

Our Safe Charge Battery Rack allows multiple micromobility batteries to safely charge at once and is, like all our products, engineered and tested beyond compliance. Iit’s the only charging system that FDNY has allowed to bypass NYC fire code 309.3.

Product Spotlight: EV Blanket

red fire blanket over an electric vehicle

EV battery fires are no joke: they burn hot and burn long. That’s why we at CellBlock chose to apply our fire containment expertise to the problem of EV battery fires, ultimately resulting in the world’s most effective EV battery fire containment solution: the FireShield EV Blanket.

Spotlight On: LIBIK Quick Kit

battery fire suppression kit

Today we’re shining the spotlight on a product we introduced recently to address the need for a moderately-priced solution for quickly responding to battery fires from personal electronic devices (PEDs). Prompted by a customer’s need for a battery fire suppression solution that could be deployed throughout their fleet, the LIBIK Quick Kit was designed to […]

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