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Why is a lithium fire worse than a regular fire?

A lithium battery fire.

A lithium-ion battery fire in a controlled environment. Do not try this at home. I doubt I have to explain this to you, but uncontained fire is generally bad. There are numerous obvious exceptions, but virtually every unintentional fire is cause for alarm, both literally and figuratively. Since humans first harnessed the power of fire […]

How to safely store lithium batteries

Lithium-ion Battery Cabinet

I’ve recently discovered that many people store batteries in their refrigerator, presumably because some well intentioned science teacher taught them colder temperatures slow down the rate of energy discharge. While the science behind the idea has merit, most battery manufacturers recommend against storing your batteries in the fridge for numerous reasons related to safety. So […]

EASA Designates Liquid-free Zones Through Emergency Directive

Coffee in a to-go cup. Very necessary today.

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency recently issued an emergency Airworthiness Directive prohibiting liquids in cockpit areas where spills might damage electronic panels in certain aircraft. The directive was drafted in response to a series of diversions necessitated by engine failure after mishandled beverages on the control panels caused dramatic malfunctions in multiple aircraft.  In […]

CellBlock FCS Strengthens Battery Safety Measures Through Partnership with Call2Recycle

Spent lithium batteries waiting to be recycled.

STANDISH, ME – January 30, 2020 – CellBlock FCS, in partnership with Call2Recycle®, the nation’s largest consumer battery recycling operation, has strengthened its commitment to the safe and responsible collection and transportation of batteries and products containing them. The partnership expands Call2Recycle’s capacity for battery fire suppression and safety solutions, including a comprehensive variety of […]

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