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High Energy Storage of Lithium-Ion Batteries

75 kWh Battery Case

Product SKU: CBSTC085
ECR (Energy Containment Rating): 75 kWh
Exterior: 90.3” x 59.5” x 38.2”h (229.4cm x 151.1cm x 97cm)
Interior: 76” x 46” x 19”h (193cm x 116.8cm x 48.3cm)
Tare Weight: 3000 lbs (1361 kg)


  • Equipped with fork lift glides, Removable bumpers, and safety placards
  • Anchor batteries with customized support tray
  • Offers thermal and ballistic protection
  • Safe on-site storage of batteries

The CellBlock FCS Max Case

When storing large high watt hour batteries, we know safety is your number one priority. Tools and equipment powered by large-format batteries can pose an alarming risk when they become compromised or damaged. With the CellBlock Max Case, there’s finally a simple solution for preventing and containing potentially hazardous battery fires. The CellBlock Max Case offers the absolute maximum protection against lithium-ion battery fires.

  • 360° fire suppression coverage for all of its contents.
  • Each case is double-lined with 1/8th inch steel and CellBlock’s proprietary fire panels.
  • Pressure relief filters eliminate smoke and fumes in the event of a thermal runaway.

The CellBlock Max Case is capable of accommodating large-format batteries with a customizable interior and additional custom-fit fire-suppression cushions with CellBlockEX technology to fill negative space for optimal protection. Furthermore, the lid of this case is filled with six inches of CellBlockEX to suppress fires quickly and completely.

Maximum Protection

The CellBlock Max Case is precision manufactured for optimal security against lithium-ion battery fires. Each case boasts the following features:

  • CellBlock High-temperature composite liner
  • 360° Coverage by CellBlockEX
  • Extreme durability
  • Provides gas mitigation and pressure relief
  • Multiple possible configurations
  • Internal battery support tray

CellBlockEX Fire Extinguishing Media

When stored energy numbers are high, add more fire-fighting capability with the addition of CellBlockEX. Available as either a loose-fill, or in reusable fire-suppression cushions, CellBlockEX is commonly used to fill space and increase the effectiveness of all our transportation and storage solutions.

Interior of CellBlock Max Case showing fire suppression padding.
Cases may be outfitted with fire-suppression pillows for additional protection.

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