Solid Fire Protection

Lithium-Ion Battery Micro Cases

Ship Specialized Batteries for Tools, Drones, and More.

The CellBlock FCS Micro Case

The CellBlock Micro Case is designed for the safe and compliant transportation of small power cells, tool batteries, drone batteries, and more. These durable, compact lithium battery shipping boxes can withstand extreme temperatures, and can even be used to transport DDR batteries (damaged, defective, or recalled) by land or sea.

The CellBlock Micro Case boasts an extraordinary ability to contain lithium-ion battery fires, making it ideal for both battery storage and shipping. Each case is equipped with a filter, which can safely release pressure in the event of a fire or explosion while simultaneously trapping hazardous smoke and fumes.

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Maximum Protection

The CellBlock Micro Case is meticulously crafted for optimal security against lithium-ion battery fires. Each case boasts the following features:

  • CellBlock high-temperature composite liner
  • Extreme durability
  • Sized for tool, drone, and specialty batteries
  • Customizable

Tested and Proven

Our CellBlock Micro Case checks all the right boxes for ground and sea transportation, and can safely ship lithium-ion batteries with compliance.

  • P908 Compliant
  • UN Rated and Special Permitted 20549
  • Independently tested and proven to contain batteries in thermal runaway up to 700 watt hours.

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Our products have been tested extensively in-house and by third-party laboratories.

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