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Stop a Battery Fire with the PED Pad Extinguish Lithium-Ion Battery Fires Within Seconds The PED-Pad pillow can be placed over a compromised PED (Personal Electronic Device) in the event of a thermal runaway. The inner CellBlockEX loose-fill will be released, smothering the burning object, extinguishing the fire and consuming smoke and fumes. The PED-Pad works quickly and the flame-resistant fabric cover […]

Lithium-ion Fire Response

Battery Fire Incident Kits

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Battery Safety Even under the best circumstances batteries can fail. This may be due to battery age, previous damage, or the batteries may be “Grey Market.”  Grey market batteries might not be manufactured in accordance with international standards and thus may have a greater probability to overheat and cause a fire. It has been […]

LIBIK Training Demonstration – Passenger Cabin Scenario

LIBIK lithium battery containment kit in action.

The following video includes a brief demonstration of how to implement the LIBIK (Lithium Ion Battery Incident Kit) in the event of an overheating device inside an inflight passenger cabin. The LIBIK allows a flight crew member (or any other trained, authorized personnel) to safely and effectively transport and contain an overheating electronic device. In […]

Why is a lithium fire worse than a regular fire?

A lithium battery fire.

A lithium-ion battery fire in a controlled environment. Do not try this at home. I doubt I have to explain this to you, but uncontained fire is generally bad. There are numerous obvious exceptions, but virtually every unintentional fire is cause for alarm, both literally and figuratively. Since humans first harnessed the power of fire […]

How to safely store lithium batteries

Lithium-ion Battery Cabinet

I’ve recently discovered that many people store batteries in their refrigerator, presumably because some well intentioned science teacher taught them colder temperatures slow down the rate of energy discharge. While the science behind the idea has merit, most battery manufacturers recommend against storing your batteries in the fridge for numerous reasons related to safety. So […]

Dylan Francis Vandemark to Present at RAeS Conference: “Lithium Batteries – A Rising Risk In Aviation”

Royal Aeronautical Society logo.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Dylan Francis Vandemark from CellBlock FCS will present Emerging Technology in Lithium-Ion Battery Safety at the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Flight Operations Group conference on February 28th. The event, Lithium Batteries – A Rising Risk In Aviation, will address the prevalence of lithium-ion battery-powered PEDs on aircraft and the consequences of this trend. Live demonstrations of […]

A PED fire has been suppressed by CellBlockEX. Should I also pour water on it?

A cell phone in water.

Hypothetically, a nearby PED (personal electronic device) such as a laptop or cell phone is experiencing thermal runaway or is on fire. You’re considering using CellBlock fire suppression products as a solution to your imminent problem, but will you need water or other liquids to assist in extinguishing the fire? No. This step is not […]

CellBlock FCS partners with Flame Aviation for LIBIK Training needs

Flame Aviation performing fire tests.

CellBlock FCS is proud to have recently partnered with Flame Aviation, the world’s leading manufacturer of cabin fire and smoke trainers for airlines and training centers around the world. Flame Aviation will be providing standardized training using CellBlock’s LIBIK and EDE fire and smoke suppression kits. Their state-of-the art trainers allow for realistic, yet safe, […]

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