Is the LIBIK FAA Certified?

Our LIBIK fabrics have passed the FAA 12-second vertical flame test at an FAA approved testing lab. Our lining materials have also passed FAA 60-second vertical flame tests, which exceeds these standards. See our documents page for these test results. (more…)

What does your LIBIK Lifetime Warranty cover?

CellBlock FCS warrants LIBIK products to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal inflight use and conditions. CellBlock FCS further warranties that the goods provided under these conditions, will perform in accordance with its recommended procedures for intent and use.


A PED fire has been suppressed by CellBlockEX. Does it need to be submerged in water to further cool the device?

This step is not needed. Once the device has been extinguished by CellBlockEX, it can then be placed in the LIBIK bag for containment until landing. No water or soaking is necessary.

What is the cleanup protocol after the CellBlockEX granules have been dispersed on the flight deck or passenger cabin?

When CellBlockEX granules are dispersed to fight a fire, they can be cleaned up easily. Since it is non-toxic and it is not a hazardous material, you could use a vacuum.